Comic for Thursday, May 13, 2021


Posted May 13, 2021 at 12:00 am

Susan has bigger fish to fry than Tedd's indulgent video game nonsense.


(I'm honestly not sure if that's foreshadowing. We'll find out together.)

I hadn't planned to do a direct follow-up to the previous comic, but I saw an opinion that got me thinking about whether I would want a character I created getting transformed like that, and my answer was no. I see a difference in it happening to a character I happen to be controlling, and a character I might consider as representing me.

I also found myself without room to draw the scenario Tedd was talking about in the previous comic, and I wanted to. It's not even close to what I pictured (I imagined a 2D side scroller with cute cartoon graphics), but here we are.

I know the "ogre" doesn't look like how most would envision an ogre, but the more traditional ogres I imagined just seemed like large, oddly proportioned humans to me, and I wanted to draw something else, darn it.

Anyway, if a criticism you want to launch at me is "that's not an ogre", I'd also say that's fair.