Comic for Monday, Jan 11, 2016


Posted January 11, 2016 at 1:00 am

Susan and I did try to be clear that we weren't saying "GRRR, MEN BAD" last time by saying this was something society does (not specifically men), that it was insult to everyone involved (including the men), and that this was all one part of it.

Leave the slightest window open for confusion, however, and you're sure to catch a breeze. Can't be helped sometimes, but I probably could have clarified in the commentary. I don't life feeling like the commentary is somehow necessary, however, so follow up comic.

I was 100% NOT planning on having Catalina in this comic. I just had a vague idea of Susan being eager to go change. Then I got to the "all genders are capable of being jackasses about this" part, and Catalina just sort of materialized herself into the comic.

As for why she's a catgirl, well... Why not a catgirl? That's the REAL question.