Comic for Friday, Jun 17, 2022


Posted June 17, 2022 at 12:00 am

- "That should have killed me"

Dwight: "Aw, dang it. Now I have sympathy and junk. This was way simpler when I didn't actually spend time getting to know any uryuoms."

I really like panel three. I hadn't planned to have Liam do a comic lean like that, but it sort of came about naturally while trying to fit Dwight, Liam, and the text in that one panel.

I assume that many of you reading this assumed, based on the evidence, that Edward could hear everything from before he "woke up", and that I could have gotten away with not pointing it out here. Given that I could confirm it in a single panel, however, it seemed the thing to do.

It also seemed the thing to do because it's something question Liam would ask at this moment, so it's IN-CHARACTER, DARN IT.


- Thursday EGSNP