Comic for Monday, Jun 6, 2022


Posted June 6, 2022 at 12:00 am

"What, you don't just hold out your palms, and all the wounds in front of them heal, internal and external?"

"What sort of nonsense magic do you think I have?"

"Hey now, let's not pretend this comic is above nonsense magic."

While this comic is in no way above nonsense magic, it IS concerned with keeping things balanced in some ways. One way is making it so perfect, immediate healing isn't just a wave a wand away.

I admit, it makes the healing magic in this comic seem pretty first level, but Tara did just heal up a lot of harm to Elliot's hands over the course of a few minutes by waving her claws around. That's better than we can do, at least.

Oh Right!

In their defense, a lot of unexpected stuff came up that distracted them.

I can relate.


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